Intentional Discipleship

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Moving from Maintenance to Mission

View our Q&A with Papal Ninja Sean Bryan from our recent conference, Intentional Discipleship: Moving from Maintenance to Mission. 

Bryan was a keynote speaker at the conference and talked about the call to holiness that all lay disciples are expected to live out in their ordinary, daily lives. See information about the conference and interview with Sean Bryan here. 

The Theological Institute

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Theological Institute for the New Evangelization

The Theological Institute at Saint John’s Seminary provides whole-person formation for mission in Christ. The Institute serves the laity, deacons, and professed religious, offering two graduate programs:  the Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) and the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degrees.  The Theological Institute also offers a Foundational Certificate program based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC).


Through the Theological Institute, the Seminary is making its theological and formational expertise in training seminarians even more widely available, building on the solid foundation of more than fifteen years of experience with the Master of Arts in Ministry program, the Seminary’s breakthrough initiative in lay outreach.


Marriage Preparation

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Marriage Preparation Are you married now? Or just thinking about it? Either way, you're on a remarkable journey. You can turn what began as a romantic attraction into something bigger, something truly enduring. And you can turn all your wonderful feelings into a lifetime of intentional acts of loving.