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Massachusetts Bishops - The Future Depends on Love Marriage Initiative

Statewide, The Massachusetts Bishops are working to help strengthen marriage!

The Massachusetts Bishops recently launched!  This project is called “The Future Depends on Love” and it is a statewide program of the Massachusetts Catholic Conference. We highly recommend visiting their web site. They have excellent resources on marriage.
We also recommend the following 2-page articles found on the home page of that web site:

  1. Marriage: At the Heart of Social Justice
  2. Marriage: God's Loving Plan for Sex
  3. What the Church Teaches, Social Science Confirms: Marriage is Good for Husbands, for Wives, and for their Children
  4. Body Language: Speaking the Truth with Our Bodies
  5. God Will Not Leave Us: How Lifelong Married Love Shows God to the World
  6. The Benefits for Marriage of Cherishing Fertility
  7. Marriage versus Cohabitation: Is There a Difference?
  8. More Than a Wedding: Why get Married in the Church?