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Sacramental Record Inventory – Missions and Institutions


Boston Harbor Islands 
*Includes Deer Island; Long Island; Rainsford Island.
Baptisms, 1877-1934.
Marriages, 1909-1937.
Confirmations, 1886 & 1953.
Sick Calls, 1894-1920.
Providence, Rhode Island
Baptisms, 1828-1830.
Marriages, 1828-1830.
Saint John, New Brunswick 
Baptisms, 1816-1819.
Marriages, 1816-1819.
House of the Angel Guardian (Boyhaven)
Baptisms, 1874-1962.
First Communions, 1874-1956.
Confirmations, 1874-1962.
**Note: Due to state law and the sensitive nature of these records, these volumes are closed to general research 

Long Island Hospital 
Baptisms, 1905-1941.
Middlesex County Training School 
Baptisms, 1937-1967.
First Communions, 1937-1971.
Confirmations, 1937-1971.
New England Hospital, Boston (Roxbury)
*Records kept with Saint Joseph, Boston (Roxbury), records.
Baptisms, 1885-1901.
Saint Margaret Hospital, Dorchester (1911)
Baptisms, 1931-1993.
Saint Mary Infant Asylum, Dorchester (1874)
Baptisms, 1875-1967.
Saint William State Hospital/Alms House, Tewksbury 
Baptisms, 1869-1923.
Marriages, 1904-1923