Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy
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Fr. Jonathan Gaspar
Director of Divine Worship
Office: 617-746-5880

Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy


24 Hours for the Lord

“24 Hours for the Lord” is a worldwide initiative called for by Pope Francis to invite all people to receive the mercy of God through Eucharistic Adoration and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

The following locations in the Archdiocese of Boston will be open for 24-hours (either for 24 hours straight, or two stretches of 12 hours) March 24th through March 25th.  Host locations will be offering Eucharistic Adoration and Confession (please check back for confession times).

This is especially a time to invite back to the Church those who have fallen away from the practice of the sacraments and are just waiting for the door of God's mercy to be opened for them.                                          


South Region  
Saint Edith Stein Parish
71 East Main Street, Brockton
March 24th: 12pm – 12am
March 25th: 7am – 7pm 

St. Paul Parish
147 North Street, Hingham
March 24th: 9am – 12am (Opening Mass at 9am)
March 25th: 12am – 9am (Closing Mass at 9am) 

West Region  

St. Stephen Parish
221 Concord Street, Framingham
March 24th: 5pm – 12am
March 25th: 12am – 4pm (Closing Mass at 4pm) 

St. Malachy Parish
99 Bedford Street, Burlington
March 24th: 4pm – 12am
March 25th: 12am – 4pm (Closing Mass at 4pm) 

North Region  

St. Adelaide Parish
708 Lowell Street, West Peabody
March 24th: 9am – 10pm (Opening Mass at 9am)
March 25th: 8am – 4pm (Mass at 4pm) 

Merrimack Region  

Holy Family Parish
9 Sparhawk Street, Amesbury
March 24th: 5:30pm – 12am (Opening Mass at 5:30pm)
March 25th: 12am – 4pm (Closing Mass at 4pm)
Note: 7:30-8:30 PM Friday 3/24: Praise and Worship Hour; 9-9:30 AM on Saturday 3/25: Holy Half Hour especially for elementary school children and families. 

St. Joseph the Worker Shrine
37 Lee Street, Lowell
March 24th: 12pm – 12am (Opening Mass at 12pm)
March 25th: 4am – 4pm (Closing Mass at 4pm) 

Central Region  

Cathedral of the Holy Cross
1400 Washington Street, Boston
March 24th: 12pm – 12am (Opening Mass at 12pm)
March 25th: 6am – 4:30pm (Closing Mass at 4:30pm) 

St. Anthony’s Parish
400 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue, Cambridge
March 24th: 4pm – 12am
March 25th: 12am – 4pm (Closing Mass at 4pm)