66 Brooks Drive
Braintree, MA 02184-3839
Secretariat: Chancellor's Office


Carol Gustavson
Executive Director - Lay Benefits
Office: 617-746-5830
Fax: 617-779-4567
Donna Porter
Assistant Director
Office: 617-746-5641
Fax: 617-779-4567
Bonnie Seifried
Benefits Consultant
Office: 617-746-5827
Fax: 617-779-4567
Joseph Haggarty
Benefits Specialist
Toll Free: 617-746-5663
Fax: 617-779-4567



The Benefits Department for the Archdiocese of Boston oversees several benefit programs for lay staff of the Archdiocese and numerous other entities, including 401k, pension,  health, dental, life, and long-term disability insurance. 

For more detailed information about the benefit programs sponsored by the Archdiocese, please visit

For information about the RCAB Pension Plan, please call the Pension Information Line at (617) 746-5640 or e-mail  

For information on any of the other benefits offered, please contact 617-746-5640 or