Natural Family Planning


What Couples Say

  • "There are many misconceptions about NFP, but if used correctly it is a very effective method of family planning. It fosters communication between husband and wife and has led us to a deeper appreciation of our combined fertility."
  • "NFP teaches a couple to track their fertility reliably in a way that brings them closer to each other and God."
  • "My husband understands my body better and I have a greater appreciation for the gift of fertility."
  • "It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we are abiding by the Church’s teachings and God’s intentions."
  • "NFP provides the impetus for communication about family planning, finances, values, lifestyle…"
  • "We look at NFP not as a form of birth control but as a lifestyle is cooperation with God’s natural law."
  • "It is definitely the way to go! You learn to watch the signs and make decisions accordingly based on whether you are trying to achieve or postpone pregnancy."
  • "NFP has fostered a closeness with my wife and better teamwork as a couple."
  • "NFP is excellent for committed couples to learn more about their bodies and their relationship. Not only is it an effective method of family planning, it is also an effective way to improve your marriage."
  • "NFP is helping us to communicate thoughts, feelings, desires and is giving us an even better appreciation of fertility."
  • "Knowing when fertility occurs makes me excited about having children."
  • "NFP strengthens a marriage by providing a deep appreciation for the gift of fertility. It is easy to learn and to use, and every couple can do so with a clear conscience."
  • "I don’t know where we would be if we had not discovered this method."
  • "I feel closer to God knowing that this is the way he designed."
  • "We are confident that we are using an effective method that is not disruptive to the marriage relationship or closed to life."
  • "It's great because nothing comes between the couple and this is what God intends. It strengthens the ultimate bond that a married couple can share."
  • "We are very impressed with the level of instruction – excellent. We feel we're leaving the course with valuable information we can depend on and tools that we will use for the rest of our married life."