Divine Worship



Liturgical Commission Bylaws


SECTION 1: The Commission shall be comprised of between nine (9) and fifteen (15) members, in addition to the Archbishop or his delegate, the Director, the liturgy professor at Saint John’s Seminary, and the Archdiocesan Secretary for Pastoral Services who serve as ex-officio members.


  1. The membership of the Commission shall reflect the diversity within the faithful of the Archdiocese of Boston.
  2. There should be members on the committee with a familiarity with liturgical theology and law, and/or liturgical art, environment, architecture, or music.  Members should also be familiar with pastoral issues in parishes that have a liturgical significance. 
  3. Members shall be chosen at large from the Archdiocese, if possible maintaining representation from each of the Archdiocesan regions.

SECTION 3: The members of the Commission, upon the recommendation of the Archdiocesan Secretary for Pastoral Services and the Director, shall be approved by and appointed by the Archbishop.  Initial appointments shall be for terms of one (1), two (2), and three (3) years, with subsequent appointments being for terms of three (3) years each, thereby providing for staggered membership terms. Each member shall be eligible for reappointment, upon re-approval and invitation to such, provided, however, that no member would serve for more than six (6) consecutive years, with the possibility of reappointment after a year off of the Commission. Members of the Commission shall serve at the pleasure of the Archbishop and may be removed by the Archbishop at any time, with or without cause, after consultation with the Archdiocesan Secretary for Pastoral Services and the Director.