Divine Worship


Preparation for the Celebration of Forty Hours Devotion - Theological Points

Forty Hours Devotion

Theological Points (taken from Order for the Solemn Exposition of the Holy Eucharist)

  • Solemn Exposition offers an occasion for the faithful
    • To develop a deeper devotion to the Eucharist
    • To reflect on how well their lives mirror Christ’s
    • To become more aware of Christ’s presence in their lives
    • To deepen their spiritual communion with Christ
  • Structuring the devotional exercises should
    • Make clear their connection to the liturgy
    • Make clear that the celebration of the eucharistic sacrifice in the Mass is the source and culmination of the whole Christian life
    • Take into out account the liturgical seasons
    • Lead people back to the liturgical celebration
    • Remain in accord with the liturgy
  • Through solemn exposition the faithful should
    • Remember that His presence
      • derives from the sacrifice of the Mass
      • has as its purpose both sacramental and spiritual communion
    • Be drawn into an ever deeper share in the Paschal Mystery
    • Respond gratefully to gift of Christ present in the Eucharist
    • Enjoy Christ’s intimate friendship
    • Pray for themselves, those dear to them and for the world
    • Strive to worship Christ in a manner fitting to their way of life
  • Through prayer in solemn exposition the faithful
    • Offer their entire lives with Christ to the Father in the Holy Spirit
    • Derive and increase in faith, hope and charity
    • Extends the union with Christ reached in reception of communion
    • Renew the covenant
    • Are strengthened to live out the covenant received through faith and sacrament
    • Are reminded to live their whole lives
      • strengthened by sacramental communion
      • as sharers in the Paschal Mystery (Christ’s death/resurrection/ascension, the pouring forth of the Holy Spirit, and Christ’s return)
      • eager to do good works and to please God
      • to instill in the world the Christian spirit
      • to become witnesses to Christ
  • The relationship of Exposition to Mass
    • Acknowledges Christ’s marvelous presence in the sacrament
    • Offers strong encouragement toward the worship owed to Christ in spirit and in truth
    • Is intended to lead back to the celebration of Mass