Divine Worship
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Thomas Lyman
Coordinator of Divine Worship
Office: 617-746-5880
Fr. Jonathan M. Gaspar
Archdiocesan Master of Ceremonies and Chaplain
Diane Campbell
Executive Assistant, Secretariat for Evangelization and Discipleship
Office: 617-746-5761
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Divine Worship


Involvement of the Entire Parish Community

Funeral Policy

Since the ministry of consolation belongs to the entire Christian community, the entire community is to be involved in caring for the dying, praying for the dead, and comforting those who mourn.

  1. Regular catechesis is encouraged to help parishioners understand their role in ministering to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.
  2. Parish policies, procedures, and ministerial resources are to be developed in light of these guidelines and communicated clearly to parishioners so they can take full advantages of the services available to them at time of death.
  3. Parish priests should foster an attitude of respect and collaboration with local funeral directors, who are often the first people sought out by a family after the death of a loved one. Annual meetings on the vicariate level between local funeral directors and parish priests are strongly encouraged, especially in those cases where the relationship between the parish and local funeral home is not ideal. It is the responsibility of parish priests to inform funeral directors of the proper order and liturgical expression of the funeral rites set forth in the Order of Christian Funerals.