Divine Worship
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Thomas Lyman
Coordinator of Divine Worship
Office: 617-746-5880
Fr. Jonathan M. Gaspar
Archdiocesan Master of Ceremonies and Chaplain
Diane Campbell
Executive Assistant, Secretariat for Evangelization and Discipleship
Office: 617-746-5761
Fax: 617-779-4570

Divine Worship


Customary Offerings

Funeral Policy

  1. Care is to be taken that the poor are not deprived of a proper funeral, including the celebration of the funeral Mass. Funeral directors are to be advised that fees associated with the church are to be listed only as offerings, and as such are not required for the proper celebration of a funeral. In accordance with traditional custom, offerings may be accepted by the parish on the occasion of a funeral. The offerings which are given are to be placed in the parish account (Synodal Statute V-8, also Archdiocesan Policy Handbook, p. 2603).
  2. The offering on the occasion of a funeral does not include the professional fees for an organist, cantor, or other support services, unless this is part of the contract for the professional musician. Fees for musicians should be established on the parish level by the pastor in consultation with the musicians involved (Pastoral Guidelines and Policies Book II, p. 6316 or Offerings on the Occasion of Liturgical Celebrations). Each parish is to have a plan for assisting families with financial hardship. Priests and deacons whose responsibilities include the spiritual care of patients or residents at various institutions and hospitals may want to initiate action for charity burials when the deceased has no relative to do this. Funeral directors should be informed that no offering is expected from the poor or those unable to afford an offering.