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Divine Worship


Concelebration at the Funeral Mass

Funeral Policy

Frequently, the decision is made that a Funeral Mass be concelebrated by several priests. Priests who are invited to concelebrate should be aware of the prescriptions of canon 905: "For a just cause, a priest is permitted to celebrate Mass twice on any given day." The norms set forth in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal #199 - 251 are to be followed carefully, as well as the NCCB document "Guidelines for the Concelebration of the Eucharist" (1987).

  1. Concelebration is a sign and a strengthening of the fraternal bond of priests and of the whole community, and is "the preeminent manifestation of the Church in the unity of sacrifice and priesthood and in the single giving of thanks around the one altar" (In celebrationae Missae, August 1973, #1).
  2. Families planning to invite priests to concelebrate at the funeral liturgy or to fulfill other roles in the course of the funeral rites are encouraged to communicate these plans to the pastor. As a courtesy to liturgical planners, priests who expect to participate in this way should contact the parish or religious community in advance.
  3. Concelebrants should be seated together as a group. They should not be intermingled with the assembly, nor should anyone be seated between the concelebrants and the altar. Concelebrants must not be placed in such a way as to form a barrier between the altar and the Faithful, who kneel during the Eucharistic Prayer. Their position should not obscure the fact that only one bishop or presbyter presides over the entire action. Care is to be taken that the concelebrants neither usurp the place nor limit the functions of other liturgical ministers.
  4. In the Archdiocese of Boston concelebrating clergy are expected to wear the white “Boston Chasuble”.