Health Care Ministry


Pastoral Visitor Project

A collaborative effort to support parish pastoral visitation programs to the sick and homebound and to residents of nursing care facilities.

Ministry to the sick and homebound makes God's love and the Church's care present to those who suffer the effects of illness, disability, or the aging process through prayer, sacrament and pastoral presence.

Newsletter - The Pastoral Visitor - Please refer to Publications for a pdf file of the current newsletters.

  • free bimonthly publication
  • four pages of information
  • designed for parish Coordinators of Pastoral Visitation (staff members or volunteer coordinators)

Resource Packet - "In Support of Visitation Ministry"

Materials developed to assist new and established parish visitation programs include:

  • Steps to Start and Maintain a Visitation Program
  • Role Descriptions for the Parish Visitor to the Sick and the Coordinator
  • Suggested Ways to Identify the Sick and Homebound and to Inform the Parish Community
  • Ways to Recruit Volunteers
  • Volunteer Application and Interview Guide
  • Visitor Evaluation
  • Ways to Support Volunteers
  • Record-Keeping Suggestions
  • Packet in English - pdf 
  • Packet is also available in Spanish - pdf 

Pastoral Care Training Workshops

A basic 12 hour, six week workshop, "Pastoral Care to the Sick and Homebound"  is offered several times each year in various locations in the diocese.  It will also be scheduled for any cluster or group of parishes upon request.  Topics presented in the workshop include:

  • the art of pastoral visitation
  • communication skills
  • illness issues
  • spiritual assessment
  • grief and loss
  • suffering and faith
  • death and dying
  • ritual and pastoral ministry
  • theology of pastoral care
  • care-giving issues

Days of Prayer

The Office of Worship and Spiritual Life offers regional Mornings or Afternoons of Prayer for Pastoral Visitors and Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick.  For information on themes and dates of these Days, refer to the latest edition of The Pastoral Visitor or contact the Office for Health Care Ministry

Can we help:

Schedule a phone or personal consultation?  

Provide a speaker for a parish information night? 

Locate a nearby Parish Visitation Coordinator to mentor a developing program?       

Meet another need?

Contact: 617-746-5843

The Pastoral Visitor Project is a Collaborative Effort by:

Deacon James F. Greer , Director   
Health Care Ministry, RCAB    
617-746-5842 e-mail: 

Lorna DesRoses, Black Catholic Ministries Coordinator
Office of Outreach and Cultural Diversity

Karen Farrell, Administrative Assistant
Health Care Ministry