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New Directions Program for Teachers
Workshops for Catholic Religious Educators

The first phase of this educational effort reaches out to parish religious educators and Catholic school teachers of the Archdiocese.  For religious educators, a workshop, prepared and presented jointly by Catholic and Jewish instructors, has been incorporated into the religious education ministry skills course required by the archdiocesan Office for Religious Education.  For Catholic school teachers, a seminar, led by Catholic and Jewish scholars, is offered to help teach about Jesus in relation to the Jews and Judaism of his day and ours.  The focus of both workshops and seminars is on the gospel presentation of the person of Jesus.  Their objectives are:

to increase the participants' knowledge of the mandate of the Vatican II Declaration on the Relationship of the Church to non-Christian Religions (Nostra Aetate)

to invite them to a more conscious and critical reading of the gospels as fundamental to a presentation of Jews and Judaism that conforms to the mandate of Nostra Aetate

to identify common stereotypes about Jews and Judaism that they are likely to meet in their work and to imagine ways of responding to them.

New Directions workshops and seminars are all interfaith as well as interactive.  Small groups are co-led by Jewish and Catholic facilitators.  All participants receive written materials - resources and strategies - to aid, at every level, the practical implementation of the mandate fo Nostra Aetate.