Pastoral Support and Outreach


Services for Survivors

Weekly Outpatient Therapy

Any survivor of sexual abuse by a priest, deacon or other church personnel of the Archdiocese is entitled to payment of their outpatient therapy by the Archdiocese through the Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach at any time. The standard being offered is payment of psychotherapy for a one-hour session once a week by a licensed, qualified therapist, for an initial period of six months. After the initial six months, if the survivor wishes to continue in another six months of treatment, the survivor’s therapist must provide the Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach with the survivor’s diagnosis, treatment plan and goals. This process of six-month reviews continues as long as the survivor continues to need therapy.

Requests for outpatient therapy for more than once a week are handled on a case by case basis and must be supported by the clinician.

All information relating to a survivor’s psychiatric treatment is kept in confidential files at the Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach and is not accessible to Archdiocesan attorneys or other attorneys.

In-Patient Services

OPSO will consider requests for inpatient hospitalizations or residential care on a case-by-case basis. Coverage for specialized services must be pre-approved by OPSO. OPSO will first ask the survivor to use their insurance to pay for this care and will consider payment of uninsured costs determined necessary by a treating clinician.


The Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach will consider requests for payment of psychiatric medications on a case by case basis. Survivors with insurance coverage (private or Mass Health) will be asked to use their insurance to cover these medications. OPSO will offer survivors without coverage a plan administered by CVS/Caremark (Pharmacare).  An explanation and authorization for this service will be provided to the survivor at the time of intake with the Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach.