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Archdiocesan Justice Convocation, 2010
Charity and Justice in Our Daily Lives

Archdiocesan Justice Convocation, 2009
In the Footsteps of Christ

Over 350 Catholics from around the Archdiocese of Boston gathered at Boston College High School on Oct. 17, 2009  for the first annual Archdiocesan Justice Convocation. The event  titled “In the Footsteps of Christ,” featured remarks from Cardinal Seán O’Malley and Archdiocesan Secretary for Health and Social Services, Father J. Bryan Hehir. Following a panel discussion with Catholic Charities President Tiziana Dearing, Archdiocesan Director of Pastoral Planning, Father David Couturier, OFM Cap., and RENEW International Executive Director Sister Terry Rickard, OP, participants attended various breakout sessions detailing how Catholics should respond to the different needs for social justice at the national and local levels. “Catholic Social Teaching has always been a part of the task of evangelization,” Cardinal O’Malley said. “All the various aspects are connected. It doesn’t make sense to isolate the teachings of the Church from human dignity and justice.”

Lenten Series, 2009

ARISE Together in Christ and CatholicTV present this Lenten program. Each show is hosted by MaryAnn McLaughlin and features a scripture reading, reflection and a panel discussion.

ARISE is a parish program which consists of weekly meetings of small groups of parishioners (3-8 normally) to discuss, and grow in their faith. Each meeting is centered around a bible passage and a theme. Every week, participants make plans to put what they have learned in their meeting into action.

The television program is a look into these meetings that take place amongst ARISE members. Although normal ARISE meetings last 90 minutes, the television show on CatholicTV compacts ARISE meetings into a TV-friendly 28 minutes. Each episode consists of a reading from the Bible, a very brief talk about the reading by a clergy member, and finally, the discussion featuring the small group. During this discussion, the group members talk about what the Bible reading means to them. The last portion is called “Invitation to Act” where small group members talk about what action they will take during the upcoming week to live out what they learned from the reading and discussion

Lenten Series - Episode 6 

In this episode, a letter from Paul to the Philippians from Palm Sunday is looked at.  4/6/2009

Lenten Series - Episode 5 

In this episode, a reading from Jeremiah on God's new covenant is looked at.  3/30/2009

Lenten Series - Episode 4 

In this episode, the Gospel of John's story of Nicodemus "coming to the light" is looked at.  2/23/2009

Lenten Series - Episode 3 

In this episode, the Gospel of John's story of Nicodemus "coming to the light" is looked at.  3/16/2009

Lenten Series - Episode 2 

This week Mark's Gospel passage on the transfiguration is reflected upon.  3/9/2009

Lenten Series - Episode 1


Preparing a Place

Father John Cusick delivers the keynote address and answers questions in this video discussing a practical approach to becoming a more young adult repsonsive parish.  2/28/2009

Small Community Leadership Workshop

Season Two Formation for Small Community Leaders (Season 2) 

This workshop prepares small community leaders to lead Season Two: Changes Our Hearts. It gives a theological overview of the season, including an understanding of the conversion to which the Gospels call us as an ongoing process of living more fully and authentically in Christ. There will be an opportunity to network and glean what has been learned forms season one as well to develop facilitation skills further.  Audience: small community leaders and the ARISE parish team.  2/27/2009

Arise - Community Leadership Workshop #1 (Season 1) 

Formation for small community leaders. This workshop prepares small community leaders to lead season one, Encountering Christ Today. training for pastors, pastoral staff, the Arise parish team and the small community leaders.  9/25/2008

Launching ARISE: Leadership Training for the ARISE Parish Team 

Provides foramtion and skill straining for the ARISE Parish Team who will be responsible for implementing ARISE in the parish. Offers an overview of the entire process, timelines, materials, an understanding of faith sharing and how to become a ministerial community.  Audience: pastors, pastoral staff and the ARISE parish team.  2/10/2009

Liturgy Workshop 

This workshop, offered in collaboration with the Office of Worship and Spiritual Life of the Archdiocese of Boston, provides the fundamentals of liturgical planning and proposes a range of ways of connecting the ARISE process to the Sunday liturgies.  Audience: pastor, representatives from the ARISE parish team, parish liturgy team With Fr. Brian Mahoney.  5/07/2008

Reaching Out: Evangelization Training for the ARISE Parish 

This workshop,  develops a Catholic understanding of evangelization and provides effective strategies for invitation and maximum parish participation in the ARISE provess.  Audience: pastors, pastoral staff and the ARISE parish team.  4/11/08

Spanish Portuguese ARISE Training 

From April 2008 - ARISE training in Portuguese and Spanish with Father Alejandro Lopez Cardenale.  4/11/08

Web Only - Sister Terry Rickard 

Jay Fadden interviews Sister Terry Rickard from RENEW International about her organization's revitalization programs.  1/24/2008