Risk Management & Insurance
66 Brooks Drive
Braintree, MA 02184-3839
Secretariat: Chancellor's Office
Parent Office: Risk Management


Joseph F. McEnness
Executive Director
Office: 617-746-5740
Kent Wilkins
Claims Manager
Office: 617-746-5743
David Huskins
Manager of Risk Analysis and Reporting
Office: 617-746-5742
Joanmarie Considine
Operations Manager
Office: 617-746-5744

Risk Management & Insurance


Risk Alerts

A Risk Alert is a service of the Office of Risk Management designed to provide notice of a topic of concern or high risk to the facility, its operations or its people. The Risk Alert can be in the form of an email or text. The goal is to educate and inform as well as provide useful and proactive measures to help you maintain your property and continue to provide a safe environment.

A Risk Alert could be weather-related, alerting our participants to particularly harsh or dangerous imminent weather conditions. It could be a reminder to maintain heat in unoccupied or infrequently used buildings or wings so that pipes do not freeze and burst. A Risk Alert can also inform you of an increase in theft and break-ins in your area and ask you to properly secure your property and alert your employees of potential dangers.

Please pay close attention to these alerts and distribute them to your staff so that they may implement the recommended actions. Your feedback on these communications is also helpful in improving this service and evaluating its impact.

To sign up for risk alerts, please click here.