Pilot Bulletins
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Secretariat: Catholic Media
Parent Office: Pilot Media Group


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Office: 617-779-3770
Mike Strong
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RoseMarie Lento
Office: 617-779-3773
James DeSantis
Office: 617-779-3770

Pilot Bulletins


Pilot Bulletins builds upon nine years of great work by Parish Communication Solutions, Inc., a business that was started during a Cursillo Retreat by Catholics who wanted to renew the Church through modern communications.

For parishes, Pilot Bulletins offers new color covers each week (which increases readership), flexible use of the bulletin space (to share news and formational materials, and to encourage deeper participation in the life and ministry of the Church), and time savings (through consolidation of event listings and announcements of Archdiocesan ministries into 1 page that the parish can choose to insert). Please contact us today to learn how Pilot Bulletins can work with you in your mission of evangelization.

For advertisers, Pilot Bulletins offers the opportunity to advertise in bulletins that have much higher readership and are in color, which catches the reader's eye much more effectively than black-and-white or one-color ads.

For the Catholic community, Pilot Bulletins offers assistance with evangelization, as all income generated through the advertisements are shared with parishes and used to fund ministries of media evangelization.