Publication With Respect to Archdiocesan Clergy Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Child
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Mark Dunderdale, Esq.
Director of the Office of Professional Standards and Oversight
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Jay Crowley
Delegate for Investigations
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Vivian Soper
Director of Office of Pastoral Support and Child Protection
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Director of the Office of Child Advocacy
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Publication With Respect to Archdiocesan Clergy Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Child

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Thomas F   Dempsey

Category: A. Cases That Have Been Concluded Canonically, Either By Dismissal or Sentence to Life of Prayer and Penance, or Criminally, Either By Plea or Conviction.
Year Of Birth: 1919
Year Of Ordination: Ordained for the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1955; Incardinated into the Archdiocese of Boston in 1976


Pled Guilty to Criminal Charges in Wisconsin (1997); Deceased (1998)

Assignment History:

St Michael Parish
03/10/70 - 06/05/72
St Clare Parish
06/06/72 - 12/16/74
Associate Pastor
St Anthony Parish
12/17/74 - 09/05/77
Associate Pastor
Sacred Heart Parish
09/06/77 - 07/08/85
Parochial Vicar
St Stephen Parish
07/09/85 - 02/10/86
Parochial Vicar
Sacred Heart Parish
02/11/86 - 01/02/89
Senior Priest/Retired

01/03/89 - 06/02/98

Undoubtedly, in this first effort to provide a listing, there will be errors and omissions, and the Archdiocese would ask that anyone with additional information or corrections contact the Delegate for Investigations at 617-746-5639.