Secretariat for Evangelization and Discipleship
66 Brooks Drive
Braintree, MA 02184-3839


Rev. Paul Soper
Secretary for Evangelization and Discipleship
Office: 617-746-5867
Michael M. Lavigne
Assistant Secretary for Evangelization and Discipleship
Office: 617-746-5748
Fax: 617-779-4572
Denise Biernat
Director of the Office of Parish Services
Office: 617-746-5685
Thomas Lyman
Coordinator of Divine Worship
Office: 617-746-5880
Diane Campbell
Executive Assistant
Office: 617-746-5761

Secretariat for Evangelization and Discipleship


Sacraments and General Contact

We are here to serve you. Whom to contact for...

Email: Address + - Phone: 617.746 + Ext


Anointing of the Sick - Deacon Jim Greer, 617.746.5843
Baptismal Prep
Liz Cotrupi, 617.746.5801
Confirmation Prep
Patrick Krisak617.746.5753
First Communion
 - Patrick Krisak617.746.5753
First Reconciliation
 - Patrick Krisak617.746.5753
Family Life
 - Liz Cotrupi617.746.5801
 - Rev. Jonathan Gaspar617.746.5761    



Adult Faith Formation – Tom Lyman617.746.5759
Bereavement Ministry
 - Deacon Jim Greer617.746.5843
Black Catholics
 - Lorna DesRoses617.746.5810
Campus Ministry
 - Rev. William Fay617.746.5856
Catholic Scouting
 – Kathryn Griffin617.746.5758
Cultural Diversity
 – Natalia Pellicano617.746.5793
Deaf Apostolate
 - Rev. Shawn Carey, 617.746.5661
 - Kathryn Griffin;, 617.746.5758
Evangelization Training/Workshops
 - Patrick Krisak617.746.5753
Faith Community Nursing
 - Deacon Jim Greer, 617.746.5843
Hispanic Catechesis
 - Natalia Pellicano617.746.5793
Hospital/Prison Chaplains
 - Deacon Jim Greer617.746.5843
Liturgical Inquiries
 - Tom Lyman617.746.5759
Marriage Preparation
 - Liz Cotrupi617.746.5801
Natural Family Planning
 - Liz Cotrupi617.746.5801
Pastoral Outreach to the Sick
 - Deacon Jim Greer, 617.746.5843
Religious Education (K-5)
 – Melissa Prazak, 617.746.5775
Religious Education (6-12)
 – Mike Drahos, 617.746.5751
 - Liz Cotrupi, 617.746.5801
Youth & Young Adults
 - Mike Drahos617.746.5751
Intergenerational Faith Formation
Rosemary Maffei;  , 617.746.5760