Cheverus Awards

Recipient Protocol

There is affordable parking ($10.00 flat fee/cash only) approximately one block from the Cathedral: two large lots on Harrison Avenue and two on Albany Street.  Please see map on reverse side for locations.
Please plan to arrive no later than 2:30PM.  There will be four hospitality tables in the vestibule of the Cathedral.   These tables will be designated according to the first letter of your last name.  There will be a nametag for each recipient which will also include a “Group” assignment.  The nametags and “Group” assignments will be used in presenting the awards, so please remember to stop by the hospitality tables and to wear your nametag.
Please note that the awards will be given out during an Evening Prayer Service.  Kindly note that this is not a Mass.  The Evening Prayer service should last approximately 90 minutes.
Seating and Guests:
You are welcome to invite as many guests and family members as you would like.  There will be open seating which will allow you to sit with your guests.  Award recipients should sit at the end of the pew if possible.  If you or your guests have any physical limitations, please tell us when you RSVP and we will make special accommodations.
Award Presentation:
The Cheverus Awards will be presented following the homily.  Recipients will be asked to line up in the center aisle in single file when their group is called.  
A professional photographer will be present to take a picture of the Cardinal presenting the award to each individual award recipient.  You will receive a copy of this photo in the mail following the celebration.  (We kindly ask all other photographers to remain seated for the awards presentation.)
Immediately following the ceremony a reception will be held in Cathedral High School gymnasium (located across the street from the Cathedral) for you and your guests.  Light refreshments will be served.  There is limited capacity, so kindly call 617-782-2544 with the number of guests who will be attending.