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Maureen Donnelly Creedon, CPA
Director of Finance
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Joe Crehan, CPA
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Jennifer Richardson
Assistant Controller – Related Entities & Payroll
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Yitao Ward
Senior Manager of Financial Practices & Parish Accounting
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Michael Crowley
Manager of Banking and Investment Services
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John Luukko
Central Ministries Budget and Accounting Manager
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Tricia Hamilton
Treasury & Revolving Loan Fund Coordinator
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Victoria Keefe
Accounts Receivable
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Stock Donations and General Inquiries
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FY16 Compendium of Related Organizations 

Compendium of Audited or Reviewed Financial Statements of Corporation Sole Related Organizations    
Set forth below is a list of organizations sponsored by the Corporation Sole or for which the Corporation Sole or the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston (the “Archbishop”) has the direct or indirect right (whether alone or in conjunction with others) to elect or appoint officers, directors, trustees, governors and/or members (collectively, “Related Organizations”). Each Related Organization is separately incorporated and none of them are consolidated with Corporation Sole for financial statement purposes.

Catholic Media and Evangelization 

iCatholic Media, Inc. financials  


The Catholic Cemetery Association of the Archdiocese of Boston Inc. (The) financials  

Catholic Cemetery Association Perpetual Care Trust (The)  



Archbishop Williams High School, Inc.  financials  
Bishop Fenwick High School, Inc.  financials   
Boston Boy Choir, Inc. financials
Cardinal Spellman High School, Inc.   financials  
Cathedral High School, Inc.  financials  
Cristo Rey Boston High School, Inc.   financials  
Lawrence Catholic Academy of Lawrence, Massachusetts, Inc. financials  
Lowell Catholic High School, Inc.  financials  
Marian High School, Inc. financials  
Matignon High School, Inc.  financials  
Pope John XXIII High School, Inc.    financials   
Quincy Catholic Academy of Quincy, Massachusetts, Inc.  


St. Columbkille School, Inc.   financials
St. John Paul II Catholic Academy, Inc. financials
St. Mary's High School financials 
St. Sebastian's School Inc.  financials  
Ste. Jeanne d’Arc School of Lowell, Massachusetts, Inc. financials  
Trinity Catholic Academy, Inc. financials
Boston Catholic Development Services, Inc. financials  
Catholic Community Fund of the Archdiocese of Boston, Inc. (The) financials  
Catholic Health Foundation of Greater Boston, Inc. financials   
Catholic Schools Foundation, Inc. (The) financials  
Cristo Rey Work Study Program, Inc. financials  
Fund for Catholic Schools, Inc. (The) financials 
St. Mary's High School Foundation, Inc.  financials 
St. Sebastian's School Fund, Inc. financials  
Health, Retirement & Investment Trusts   
Benefit Trust for Non-Incardinated Priests Duly Assigned for Service in the Archdiocese of Boston  financials  
Common Investment Fund, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston  financials  
Fixed Income Investment Fund, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston  financials  
Pension Plan & Trust of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston    financials  
RCAB Collective Investment Partnership financials  
RCAB 401k Retirement Savings Plan financials   
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Health Benefit Trust  financials  
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Life Insurance and Accidental Death, Dismemberment & Long-Term Disability Insurance Trust financials  
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Transition Assistance Program Trust financials  
Pope Saint John XXIII National Seminary, Inc.  financials  
Redemptoris Mater House of Formation, Inc.   financials  
Saint John's Seminary    financials  
Mission Related   
Missionary Society of St. James the Apostle  (The) financials   
Society for Propagation of the Faith of Boston, Inc. (The) financials  
Social Service   
Catholic Charitable Bureau of the Archdiocese of Boston, Inc.  financials  
Catholic Social Services, Inc. financials
Irish Pastoral Centre of the Archdiocese of Boston, Inc. (The) financials  
Life Resources Inc. financials 
Office of Outreach, Assistance, Education and Prevention of the Archdiocese of Boston, Inc. (The) financials
Planning Office for Urban Affairs, Inc.   financials  
St. Ann's Home, Inc. financials  
St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children’s Center, Inc. financials  
*TAS-CC, Inc.  
*TAS-CSEMCB, Inc.    
*TAS-CSH, Inc.    
*St. Margaret's Hospital for Women  
Fides Insurance Group, Inc. financials 
Massachusetts Catholic Self-Insurance Group, Inc. financials  
Other Related Organizations     
Archdiocese of Boston Clergy Benefit Funding Trust financials  
Archdiocese of Boston Clergy Medical / Hospitalization Trust financials  
Archdiocese of Boston Clergy Retirement Trust  financials  
Archdiocese of Boston Regina Cleri Trust  financials  
Regina Cleri, Inc.  financials  
Massachusetts Catholic Conference, Inc.  financials 


 Listing of Related Organizations  
*As of November 5, 2010, TAS-CC, Inc. (formerly Caritas Christi) and its affiliated health care entities sold substantially all of their assets used in the operation of a health care system to Steward Healthcare System LLC (“Steward”).  As a result, although the assets were transferred to Steward, almost all of the corporate entities initially remained directly or indirectly under the control of Corporation Sole or the Archbishop.  Prior to June 30, 2015, certain of those corporate entities were either merged or dissolved. Each of the asterisked entities that were formerly Caritas Christi entities remain in existence. Each of the asterisked entities is separately incorporated and none of them is consolidated with Corporation Sole for financial reporting purposes.