Ministry with Persons with Disabilities


Ecclesial Documents and Initiatives

The Church is concerned with the health, happiness, and sanctification of all individuals with disabilities. Below is a list of Catholic resources including organizations, documents, and educational programs that consider the field of disabilities.      

Ecclesial Organizations:  
National Catholic Partnership on Disability 
The National Catholic Partnership on Disability was founded in 1982 as a response to a mandate from the United States Bishops Pastoral Statement on Persons with Disabilities. This mandate called for the creation of national offices which can be a resource for parochial and diocesan bodies to be able to best serve persons with disabilities.  Through the direction of an episcopal vicar, the National Catholic Partnership on Disability provides resources to support individuals with disabilities in parish settings as well as everyday life. The NCPD has a board which focuses on three specific areas: Education, Ethics and Public Policy, and Mission. Members of the board include people with disabilities, family members of people with disabilities, diocesan directors of disability ministry, as well as academic experts in the field of theology, disability, and education. 

Ecclesial Documents:  
Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities 
Sacramental Guidelines approved by USCCB, 2017
Welcome and Justice for Persons with Disabilities 
USCCB Statement, 1989
Pastoral Statement on Disabilities 
USCCB Pastoral Statement, 1978 

Certificate in Leading Inclusive Catholic Schools 
Online certificate program offered through Loyola University.
Online Disability Faith Formation Certificate 
Online certificate program offered through the University of Dayton.
Divine Mercy University 
Divine Mercy University is a Catholic graduate school which offers degrees in counseling and psychology. DMU studies psychological sciences in light of a Catholic understanding of the human person. 

Additional Resources: 

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