Ministry with Persons with Disabilities


Individual and Family Support

To Individuals-- 

If you have a disability which presents challenges to being fully engaged in the life of your parish, please know that the ecclesial community needs your presence as a disciple and desires your active participation in Church life.

To Families and Friends--  

Your child, sibling, parent, extended family member or friend who has a disability is a necessary member of the ecclesial body.


  • Present your questions or concerns with a parish staff member. Explain to them your needs, or the needs of your family member or friend. If they are unfamiliar with the challenges that you have presented, do not be discouraged! Just because no one as presented these challenges before, does not reduce their importance.
  • If your parish has questions, please direct them to this website which has resources for parishes to help promote active participation for individuals who may need support.
  • Please tell us how we can better support you and your loved ones. Contact Kathryn Griffin.