Ministry with Persons with Disabilities


Prenatal Care

Experiencing an adverse diagnosis during pregnancy can be scary, lonely, and intimidating. The Pregnancy Help office offers support for parents who have a disability or have an unborn child with a disability. Trained and caring nurses as well as trilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese) caseworkers are available. Through this service sponsored by the Archdiocese of Boston, the Church provides the following services:   

  • Personalized support for woman facing difficult pregnancies
  • Prenatal care referrals
  • Assistance with health insurance
  • Adoption & parenting information
  • Housing & social service referrals
  • Education and career information
  • Material assistance
  • Classes on pregnancy & baby care

Phone: 617-782-5151
Text: 617-903-7960 

Phone: 774-297-2233
Text: 617-483-5589 

Metro West
Phone: 508-651-0753
Text: 508-728-2086 

Pastoral Center, Braintree 
Pro-Life Office
Marianne Luthin, Director