Adaptive Budget Training

01 - Introduction
Overview of the Adaptive environment, including general navigation and other tips
02 - Income Statement
Overview of budgeting directly within the income statement sheet
03 - Personnel
Overview of populating the personnel sheet and entering benefits information
04 - Clergy
Overview of adding priests to the budget
05 - Religious
Overview of adding religious (brothers and sisters) to the budget
06 - Non-Employee Compensation
Overview of budgeting for contractors
07 - Insurance
Overview of budgeting insurances
08 - Capital Improvements
Overview of planning capital improvements
09 - Shared Staff
Overview of splitting staff and sharing costs between multiple parishes in a collaborative
10 - Shared Expenses
Overview of splitting general expenses within in a collaborative
11 - Tuition Revenue
Overview of tuition planning
12 - Tuition Discounts
Overview of budgeting tuition discounts
13 - Reports
Overview of reports in Adaptive