Environmental Stewardship

Use rain barrels

Rooftops are great ways to collect water into rain barrels. In a typical Massachusetts spring and summer, 5 inches of rain on an average-sized, 1,000 square -foot roof would yield more than 3,000 gallons of rainwater, and church roofs are usually much bigger than that. Rain barrels are one way to conserve water and reduce pollutants from running off to local streams, rivers, and ponds. Collected water can be used for outdoor tasks such as watering gardens or lawns, washing cars, and doing other household chores. In Massachusetts, there are many local rain barrel resources and distributors, including some local governments who help homeowners. MassDEP has compiled a bulk of information on obtaining or making your own rain barrels.   

Did you know?

In Boston, the average daily water use per person is 40 gallons per person per day. In Phoenix, Arizona, it is about 115 gallons per person per day. The differences are mostly related to outdoor water use! A recent report from the U.S Government Accountability Office revealed that water managers in all but 10 states expect water shortages within the next decade. Fundamentally, we are all in this together and as a society, we can prevent global droughts by committing to water conservation, in both home and industry.