Environmental Stewardship

Alternatives to Driving

There are many benefits to driving less and many alternatives. Both active and public transportation can greatly reduce harmful CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and promote energy conservation. Pope Francis frequently used public transport when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires and rode on a public tram on his way to deliver his address on World Youth Day
  • If possible, use public transportation such as buses or subways. It is one of the most effective actions you can take. A single person, driving 20 miles round trip, who switches to public transportation, can reduce his or her annual CO2 emissions by 4,800 pounds per year. According to the American Public Transportation Association, that is equal to a 10% reduction in greenhouse gases emissions produced by a household with two cars and two adults!
  • Simply walk or bike. When the weather permits, you can walk or bike to your destination if it is not too far from your starting point. Not only are there significant health benefits but you are also contributing to cleaner air and improving the environment by reducing vehicle exhaust emissions. If you do not own a bike, there are non-profit earn-a-bike programs in Boston and Worcester, committed to recycling bike parts and social change.
  • Join a bike sharing program. There are over 160 bike sharing stations across Boston neighborhoods. These network of stations are run by Hubway, a program launched on Earth Day and owned by the cities of Boston. Bikes can be unlocked at one station and dropped off at any other stations, making the bike sharing system an essential and eco-friendly mode of transportation for Bostonians.
  • Try ride sharing or car sharing services. When traveling as a group, there are ride sharing
  • services you can utilize to reduce the growth in vehicle miles of travel per person. There are also car sharing services that allow you to rent-by-the-hour. Less cars on the road means less air pollution and more green spaces.
  • Both Boston and Worcester also have human-powered transportation. Several organizations in Boston will bring you from one point to another on a rickshaw.