Environmental Stewardship

Drive fuel-efficient car

When buying a car or truck, always consider its gas  mileage, carbon footprint, and environmental footprint. Buy consistent with your true needs. EPA has put together a “Green Vehicle Guide” to assist with learning about less polluting and more efficient vehicles. Along with that, you can compare different vehicle models and find the most environmentally friendly that suits your needs using the Fuel Economy and Environment Label. Driving a fuel-efficient car that minimizes our impact on the environment identifies us as someone who cares about the future, and who identifies with the spirit of Laudato Si’. Fuel-efficient cars also save lots of money on gas. There are also a growing number of charging stations in Massachusetts. Additionally, Massachusetts has a program called MOR-EV offering rebates to electric car owners in efforts to prevent air pollution. Learn as much as you can about fuel efficiency standards, and which cars and trucks rate the highest, so that when you shop for a new car or truck, you can find the one that says you are a snazzy driver and someone who cares about creation.