Environmental Stewardship

Parish and School Actions for Energy Conservation

Pursuing energy efficiency for your parish can be as easy as installinga LED light bulb, as expensive as replacing your HVAC system, or as complicated as changing the way you are billed for electricity. There are many opportunities at all levels for your parish to reduce your energy use. It’s important to first understand how your parish uses energy in its buildings and how human behavior impacts energy use. Saving energy saves money. And the money saved can be redirected towards ministries and programs that benefit the larger community. 
On average, the HVAC system in a church accounts for 32 percent of total energy use. Lighting is the second largest energy user in most buildings, using 20 to 30 percent of total energy. Your parish can save considerable money by turning off lights and installing motion sensors on light switches. Water heating and other energy loads can contribute 26 percent or more to your total energy consumption. If your parish or school has commercial cooking equipment, your “Cooking” category is likely to be greater than average due to the energy used for commercial appliances.