Environmental Stewardship

Create your Energy Action Plan

An Energy Action Plan specifically spells out how your team will achieve or begin to achieve your energy reduction goal. This is where specific energy conservation measures should be defined. The Action Plan should state who will be responsible for accomplishing each measure and what resources they will have to support them.

A ideal option for starting your energy action plan is to contact MassSave who will conduct no-costs energy audits for your facilities and provide guidance on upgrades.  The MassSave reports will aprise you of all the latests subsidies and rebates provided by the utilities for energy efficiency investments.

For more information about energy conservation actions your parish can take, Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light has generated guides, resources, and cost calculators to assist with developing and maintaining your environmental stewardship ministry. 

Did you know? In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI announced that Vatican City would aim to become the world's first "carbon neutral state" by switching the Paul VI audience hall to solar power and planting a forest in Europe.