Environmental Stewardship

Impress your neighbors

  • The price of rooftop solar panels and systems has plummeted in recent years and continues to decline. Their use is growing rapidly worldwide, including in Vatican City! Rooftop solar is becoming much more common and acceptable, and can have a dramatic impact on your home’s carbon footprint. It works by generating electricity from sunlight, which your power company then “buys” back from you. Very recently, rooftop solar was considered unusual (and unusually expensive), but more and more homes and business are using the solar energy to generate their electricity. Mass Energy can help you determine if rooftop solar is right for you.
  • Rooftop solar water heaters are another way to reduce home energy use. The sun warms water up before it goes into your water heater tank. They are less expensive than solar panels. If you use natural gas for your water heater, rooftop solar water heaters can immediately reduce your carbon footprint.
Plant native trees to shade the home. Shade is the cheapest way to cool your house. Sturdy shade trees like disease-resistant American elms (our state tree), evergreens, oaks, poplars, and many other varieties can create shade in a few years and add beauty and value to your property. More information on planting trees can be found in the Landscaping section of this Action Plan.