Environmental Stewardship

Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Energy costs are often among the biggest a parish has to face. Laudato Si’ discusses the need for “developing renewable and less polluting forms of energy, [and] encouraging a more efficient use of energy.” Pope Francis quotes Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who said: “technologically advanced societies must be prepared to encourage more sober lifestyles, while reducing their energy consumption and improving its efficiency.”
In Massachusetts, we get most of our electricity  from fossil fuels coal and natural gas.  However, over the last decade we have made great strides in reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from electricity through elimination of coal fired power plants and significant improvements state wide in efficiency in the use of electricity.  As a result, in the electric sector has reduced greenhouse gas emissions more that 42% from 1990 level.  The state also has leading programs for energy efficiency in transportation and building thermal systems.  In fact Massachusetts has been the #1 ranked Energy Efficiency state nationally for 8 years through 2017.
Both institutions and families can leverage these leadership state programs to lower their energy usage which not only reduce GHG emissions and other pollutant but also lowers costs.