Environmental Stewardship

Support the local food pantry or food bank

Many communities and churches manage food pantries to help low-income families, children, immigrants, seniors, and others who lack the resources to afford enough food to sustain a healthy life. Many do this in partnership with food banks. Each Massachuesetts region have their own food banks, visiting the Mass Department of Health and Human Services website will give you a list of these food banks. Currently, 1 in 10 households in Massachusetts are food insecure. To give you a glimpse of our impact, here are several statistics from our food banks:
  • The Greater Boston Food Bank. Together, hunger-relief agencies and organizations provided food to 140,000 Eastern Mass residents across 190 communities on a monthly basis.
  • Worcester County Food Bank. 10.3% of the population in Worcester live at or below the poverty line. As a response, the Worcester County Food Bank and its food pantries have worked together to tackle this statistic by providing assistance to 12% of the population.
To find food pantries near you to support, refer to more information on this page.  Additionally, consider exploring Project Bread, an anti-hunger organization based in Massachusetts, to learn about what local organizations and communities are doing to provide access to healthy food for all. Project Bread features a Walk for Hunger and several volunteer opportunities available in the Greater Boston area. 
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