Environmental Stewardship

Compost food scraps

Rather than toss corn cobs, banana and potato peels, apple cores, and those moldy leftovers into the garbage destined for the landfill, compost them. The section on landscaping provides resources on how to get started. Homemade compost can be used to fertilize plants, save money on potting soil, and reduce trips to the retail gardening center.
Did you know? Winners of the 2017 Food Recovery Challenge in New England included many colleges in Massachusetts such as Clark University and College of Holy Cross. Holy Cross highlights their zero-waste program to eliminate all waste from their dining halls. Any waste that cannot be recycled or composted was burned for energy. When there is extra food, dining services work with local organizations to provide food and support the college's mission of "men and women for and with others."  
Check out PBS’ infographic on How-To-Compost or How to Build a Simple Compost Pile