Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning Commission
Consultation on Parish Planning
Web Survey

Please fill out the below questions which will be emailed directly to the Pastoral Planning Consultation office.  In order to avoid spam, we will accept only submissions from verifiable email accounts.

1. To which parish do you belong? (Please enter Parish name and city.)


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2. How long have you been a member of your parish?

3. How active are you presently in the parish?

4. Do you serve the parish in any of the following areas ?  

Parish Pastoral Council 
Parish Financial Council 
Parish Staff 
Religious Education 

5. At which consultation session were you present?

Round One Pastors/Priests

Round One Business Managers



Round One Deacons 



Round Two Priests and Pastoral Associates 









Did Not Attend a Consultation Session


6. How well do you know the other parish(es) in the collaborative proposed for your parish?

7. The Planning Commission has presented 5 mission initiatives for consideration. Please rate your level of agreement with these five mission initiatives, using the following scale:
( 5= very favorable, 4=favorable, 3= neutral, 2= unfavorable; 1=very unfavorable)

Mission Initiative                                  Rating:
Welcoming Catholics:                               

Strengthening Parishes:                               

Developing Excellence in Faith Formation:

Growing the Church:                                

Re-energizing Pastoral Leadership:             

8. The Commission used the several criteria, general and specific, in developing the proposed pastoral collaboratives. Please rate how well you believe these criteria were applied to the proposed collaborative for your parish, using the following scale -- ( 5= very favorably, 4=favorably, 3= neutral,2= unfavorably; 1=very unfavorably) [Please refer to the CRITERIA HANDOUT for reference.]

Will help parishes become welcoming, nourishing, thriving and evangelizing communities of faith


Fairness Rating:                    Fairness Comments:  

Partnership Rating:         Partnership Comments:   

Fewest number of
financially troubled
parishes Rating:                              Comments:  

Avoid redundancy
and duplication of
pastoral services:                           Comments:   


proximity:                                    Comments:    

Combined weekly
offertory of over
$500,000 per year:                     Comments:   

Sufficient other
income to cover
remaining operating
expenses:                                     Comments:  

1600 Mass
attendees per
weekend in the
collaborative:                              Comments:   

Current sacramental
index, numbers and
projections:                                 Comments:  

Current demographic
trends and projections:               Comments:   

9. What are other factors that the APPC should consider when making a recommendation to the Cardinal for the collaborative in your area?


10. Are there any obstacles to implementing this collaborative that the Commission should know?


11. If the plan is “phased in” do you think that you parish should be in the earlier round or a later round?


12. Pastors have suggested to the Commission that it may be necessary to move each of the pastors in a new collaborative? What is your level of agreement with this possibility?

13. How willing would you be to accept the present pastor of another parish in your collaborative as your own?

14. Please describe the level of cooperation or collaboration you have had with the other parishes in your proposed new pastoral collaborative?