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Director of Faith Formation/Youth Minister (FT), St. Eulalia and St. Mary Parishes, Winchester

Primary Function

The Director of Faith Formation/Youth Minister is responsible for the development, coordination, supervision and execution to engage and educate the youth of both St. Eulalia’s and St. Mary’s parishes; acts as a liaison between the pastors/administrators, youth and their families to the pastoral team, the parish family, and the surrounding community.  Coordinates activities to plan, organize and implement faith formation programs for grades 7-12.  Articulates the vision of religious education and addresses the four-fold task of catechesis: proclaim the message, build-up the community, motivate to serve, and lead to worship and prayer.  Provides leadership and administration in parish life and coordinates others in ministry.   The Director of Faith Formation/Youth Minister (Grades 7-12) will strive to empower young people to live as disciples of Christ in our world through liturgical prayer, education, fellowship and service.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  • Using two campuses (St. Mary and St. Eulalia) to establish a single, coordinated ministry that would be geared to the spiritual and developmental growth of youth (grades 7-12) in the parishes of St. Mary and St. Eulalia
  • Director of Religious Education (Grades 7-12)
  • Youth Ministry Coordinator

Specific Responsibilities:

Director of Religious Education (Grades 7-12)

Continuing Theological, Spiritual and Professional Development

  1. Participates in religious education administrators meetings
  2. Participates in diocesan religious education meetings and assists in programming
  3. Participates in religious education organizations
  4. Participates in an experience of spiritual growth at least once a year.
  5. Participates annually in a performance appraisal process with the pastors

Recruit and Form Catechesis

  1. Recruits and places catechists who are professed and practicing Catholics
  2. Works with catechists to develop needed competencies
  3. Trains catechists utilizing diocesan competencies.
  4. Supports, supervises and evaluates all catechists in areas of responsibility
  5. Assumes responsibility for catechist certification in all areas of responsibility.
  6. Facilitates the development of a community of faith among all catechists.

Programming for Religious Education

  1. Articulates a vision of catechesis as stated in contemporary catechetical documents of the church for grades 7-12.
  2. Implements and maintains programs based on the general principles of the National Directory for Catechesis.
  3. Provides a curriculum and ensures that catechists teach basic Catholic doctrine and traditions in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  4. Provides a curriculum which incorporates message, community, prayer and service components.
  5. Provides a curriculum of human sexuality which is age-appropriate.
  6. Provides family centered catechetical opportunities.
  7. Provides parishioners, in conjunction with the pastor and pastoral staff, seasonal material for personal prayer/spiritual enrichment.
  8. Chooses catechetical material in accord with diocesan policy
  9. Follows diocesan guidelines in designing, implementing and evaluating sacramental programs (First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, Adult Confirmation, RCIA)
  10. Utilizes guides developed by the Office of Catholic Education for all areas of catechesis
  11. Designs, implements, and evaluates programs to further parish goals for religious education
  12. Designs and implements an annual retreat for Confirmation candidates


  1. Participates as a member of the Pastoral Team of St. Mary and St. Eulalia Parishes
  2. Provides information to pastor, pastoral staffs and parishes pertaining to matters regarding religious education in all areas of responsibility
  3. Pursues a quality working relationship between self and pastors/administrators

Youth Ministry Coordinator

  • Creating and facilitating the Youth Leadership Team, which is responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating a comprehensive youth ministry program  for both parishes and the surrounding cities/towns in our auspices
  • Coordinating the recruitment, training, supporting, and evaluating of volunteers in the youth ministry program
  • Liaison with Young Catholic Groups in the diocese who can provide support for youth activities in the parish
  • Connecting with the diocese and other organizations to offer youth programs for travel, service and social activities
  • Developing a systematic and intentional plan for adolescent FORMATION (catechesis) In conjunction with the Faith Formation program that utilizes a creative variety of formats,
  • Identify opportunities for youth Faith Formation development in social, service, liturgical, and spiritual development. Create a calendar of events and opportunities
  • Coordinating a pre-Confirmation retreat and other retreat opportunities as well
  • Establishment of a working relationship with the Director of Evangelization for Youth for the Archdiocese of Boston to assist in development of events/programs relevant to the parish youth ministry
  • Identification and creation of “youth activities” which broaden the youth program for the parish
  • Establishment of a web based presence to promote and improve youth ministry activities
  • Establishment of an effective social networking and internet based communication system and the creation of a youth component to the parish web site with relevant resources.
  • Providing resources (print, video, web, diocesan events) for effective programming in the Youth Ministry activity
  • Providing appropriate training for the adults and young people in leadership positions
  • Fostering the involvement of young people in the life of the parish, including serving on various parish committees and being involved in parish activities
  • Coordinating outreach to and evangelization of all young people in the parish
  • Providing appropriate services and programs for parents of adolescents
  • Serving as the liaison with the diocesan office of youth ministry and their programs, services, and resources. collaborates with other staff in planning common projects

Job Skills Required

  • Must enjoy working with young people
  • Facilitating and consulting skills
  • Good leadership skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Active and practicing Catholic
  • Must be current in theology, Scripture, liturgy and other pertinent matters
  • Must remain current on pastoral, spiritual, psychological, ecclesiastical and management techniques
  • Possess an understanding of spiritual concepts such as discipleship and conversion, outreach, relationship building, foundations of youth retreats, prayer and liturgy.
  • Able to use effective communication skills
  • Have the ability to have a very flexible schedule as to meet the needs of both parishes

Educational Requirement

  • Be certified or working towards certification as set for by the Diocese through the Office of Evangelization.
    • Master’s degree in Theology, Religious Education, Pastoral Ministry, Religious Studies or Education with a major focus in Theology or Religious Studies; or Master's degree in Education, with a minimum of 12 additional graduate hours in Theology, Religious Studies, or Religious Education
  • A minimum of three years’ experience as a catechist
  • Experience in administering a least one area of parish religious education or a practicum in religious education administration as part of Master's Program.

Salary commensurate with experience.  Flexible schedule.

Interested candidates should forward their resume and cover letter directly to info@stmaryswinchester.org, with the subject line: info@stmaryswinchester.org