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2007 Press Releases


Sacred Heart Parish Celebrates New Beginning (12/15/07)
On Saturday, December 15, Cardinal To Celebrate First Mass in Newly Built Sacred Heart Church (12/14/07)
Cardinal Celebrates Mass With Parishes From Across Archdiocese (12/2/07)
Archdiocese Bicentennial Celebration Begins (12/2/07)
Statement Following End to Sen. Clinton NH Headquarters Hostage Situation (12/2/07)


Dorchester/Mattapan Catholic Schools To Be Revitalized As Part of Comprehensive Education Initiative (11/30/07)
Archdiocese Appoints In-House General Counsel (11/29/07)
Cardinal's Statement On the Passing of Rev. Edward F. Boyle, S.J. (11/14/07)
Statement of Cardinal Seán on Plans for Pope's US Visit in April 2008 (11/12/07)
Archdiocese Statement Regarding Rev. David Ajemian (11/7/07)
Statement of Cardinal Seán on Presidential Appointment of Dr. Mary Ann Glendon As Ambassador to the Vatican (11/6/07)
Corporate Members of Caritas Christi Health Care to Caritas Community (11/5/07)


Cardinal O'Malley To Dedicate New Centers At St. Tarcisius on November 3rd (10/28/07)
Cardinal Recognizes Altar Servers of the Archdiocese (10/13/07)
Presentation School Foundation Acquires Presentation School Building from Archdiocese of Boston (10/12/07)
On Sunday October 14th Cardinal To Celebrate Red Mass (10/12/07)
On Saturday October 13th More than 500 Altar Servers To Celebrate Mass With Cardinal O'Malley (10/12/07)


Cor Unum Meal Center Celebrates Successful First Year and 100,000 Meals Served. (9/26/07)
Archdiocese Statement On Speculation About Possible Papal Visit (9/17/07)
Cardinal's letter to the Jewish Community At the Time of the Jewish New Year (9/13/07)
Trinity Catholic Academy Opens (9/10/07)
Cardinal To Visit Trinity Catholic Academy On First Day Of School (9/7/07)
The Cardinal and the Metropolitan To Bless Pilgrims For Fall Pilgrimage (9/5/07)


Information Sessions Announced for ARISE: TOGETHER IN CHRIST (8/31/07)
Archdiocese Statement On Caritas Christi CEO Search (8/30/07)
Statement of Cardinal Seán On the Death of Firefighters Paul J. Cahill and Warren J. Payne (8/30/07)
Boston's Catholic Appeal Campaign Wins National Award for Overall Excellence (8/27/07)
Special Collection To Aid Relief Efforts In Peru (8/22/07)


Catholic Charities of Boston Appoints New President (7/27/07)
Announcement of Presbyteral Convocation on Friday September 14, 2007 (7/25/07)
Statement Following the Recent Release Of the Motu Proprio (7/18/07)
Statement Regarding Possible Papal Visit To Boston In 2008 (7/16/07)


Statement of the Archdiocese of Boston/Caritas Christi Health Care and Ascension Health (6/28/07)
Archdiocese Announces Campaign to Promote the Vocation of Marriage (6/22/07)
Archdiocese of Boston Welcomes Renew International Program of Spiritual Renewal; Cardinal Calls Spiritual Renewal Central to Bicentennial Efforts (6/21/07)
Statement of the Massachusetts Bishops (6/14/07)
MA Catholic Bishop's Urge State Legislators To Vote on Marriage Amendment on June 14th (6/12/07)


The PILOT Garners Six 2007 Catholic Press Association Awards (5/30/07)
Cardinal O’Malley To Ordain Seven Priests (5/26/07)
Brockton 2010 Appointments Announced (5/25/07)
Archdiocese and Boston College Reach Agreement On Sale of Additional Brighton Campus Property (5/24/07)
Catholic TV's Ordination Week Schedule Featuring Vocations Programming, Rosary Bowl (5/15/07)
Archdiocese of Boston Statement Concerning the Grave of James and Delia Keavy (5/11/07)
2007 Catholic Appeal Launched: Giving in Faith, Giving with Love (5/1/07)


Cardinal To Launch 2007 Catholic Appeal At Sacred Heart Parish In Weymouth (4/30/07)
Archdiocese of Boston Completes 2006 Audit of its Compliance with the USCCB ‘Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (4/10/07)
Catholic Bishops Urge Governor To Refrain From Expanding Research On Human Embryos (4/3/07)


Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley's schedule for Holy Week (3/31/07)
Cardinal Presents Papal Order Of St. Gregory To Rabbi Leon Klenicki (3/22/07)
Archdiocese of Boston Announces the Dismissal of Anthony J. Laurano and W. James Nyhan from the Clerical State (3/22/07)
Catholic TV To Produce Season Three of Kids' Game Show (3/16/07)
A more humane immigration policy - Op-ed by Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley published in the Globe March 15, 2007 edition (3/15/07)
Cardinal Podcasting During Lent (3/3/07)
Statement of the Archdiocese of Boston Regarding Father Thomas Curran (3/2/07)
Update to Boston to FOX 25 Boston Story Concerning the Catholic Cemetery Association (3/1/07)


Statement of the Archdiocese of Boston to FOX 25 Boston Concerning the Catholic Cemetery Association (2/26/07)
Archdiocese of Boston Announces the Dismissal of George J. Rosenkranz from the Clerical State (2/23/07)
Cardinal To Celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass At Cathedral (2/20/07)
Archdiocese of Boston and Ascension Health Announcement (2/6/07)
The Archdiocese of Boston Announces the Launch of the 2010 Initiative (2/2/07)
Cardinal O'Malley Appoints New Rector At St. John's Seminary (2/2/07)
Archdiocese Statement Regarding Ecclesial Status of Willing Shepherds of Jesus Christ (2/1/07)


Statement of the Archdiocese of Boston regarding a complaint filed by a former employee within the Caritas Christi Health Care System (1/31/07)
Brockton Phase of the 2010 Initiative Preparing To Launch (1/29/07)
Our Lady of Grace School In Chelsea To Close June 2007 (1/18/07)
Steeple for Sacred Heart, Weymouth to be installed January 17 (1/12/07)
Rebuilding faith, five years on. Op-ed by Cardinal O'Malley (1/7/07)
Statement of the Four Roman Catholic Bishops of Massachusetts On the Vote of the Constitutional Convention To Advance the Marriage Amendment (1/3/07)