Archdiocese of Boston Crest and Logo

The Archdiocese of Boston Coat of Arms, has a rich history associated with it, which can be found here.  The Coat of Arms, or the crest, should appear on all documents produced by the Archdiocese of  Boston printed and digital materials.  The crest should appear in black (PMS), in azure (PMS 2935) or in full color (4-color process.)  The crest should always appear, in one of these formats, on a white background. 

In the instance that a knockout is desired, this line vector image should be used only in white and can on a background color of PMS 2935.  No other instances are acceptable.

The crest and the name Archdiocese of Boston are a registered trademark.  Reproduction of the crest alone or together with additional typeface are for official Archdiocese of Boston use only, in accordance with the Archdiocese of Boston policy.