Archives FAQs

Do I need an appointment to use the library?  

Yes.  Please visit our “Make a Research Appointment” page for more information. 

Are your records available online?  

Yes.  Starting in January, 2017, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston began making its sacramental records available online in partnership with the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS).  The records are hosted on NEHGS’ website,, and all those from 1789 through 1900 will soon be available.

Regardless, researchers may continue to submit inquiries to the archive staff, or make research appointments to view the records in the library. To do so, please contact us by using the form found here. 

Are all of the sacramental records indexed (in a database)?  

While there is no general index or database for all records, those which are being made available online (from 1789 to 1900) are being completely indexed and will be searchable. 

For records dating more recently than 1900, the information required to locate a record is outline one our “Submit a Research Request” page. 

Some volumes are also individually indexed, but not all of these are complete or accurate.

What information do the sacramental records contain?  

Please see the “Sacramental Records – Overview” page.

Is there a charge for requesting information or visiting the library?  

Yes. As of July, 2017, the archive department will be requesting a small fee for research assistance, sacramental certificates, education/employment verification, and use of the library.

Fees and other contributions all benefit the archive and its mission, helping us maintain a staff, purchase supplies, and repair or restore items when necessary.  Thank you for your support!