FAQ - Fingerprinting

What is the new law requiring expanded background checks for Schools?  
In September 2013, the Governor signed into law Chapter 77 of the Acts of 2013, “An Act Relative to Background Checks.” This new law requires a fingerprint-based state and national criminal record check for school employees. 
 Who is required to submit fingerprints under the new law?  
Beginning in December of 2014 all existing/newly hired school employees, contract employees, educators, student teachers, substitute teachers, maintenance staff, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers (if applicable). Dedicated volunteers such as coaches would also be required to submit fingerprints. 
 When do employees complete the fingerprint check?  
All new hires must have their fingerprints submitted as part of the hiring process. Once an individual is CORI cleared they may then complete the fingerprint check. 
 What are the fees associated with fingerprinting and who should pay?  
The fee is $55.00 for licensed educators and $35.00 for all other school employees. This fee is to be paid at the time of scheduling an appointment or at the time of fingerprinting. It is at the discretion of the school to pay the fee or reimburse the employee all or part of the fees. There is a hardship exception in which a school may reimburse their employees on the grounds of financial hardship.
Can an employee use a fingerprint check from other state or a fingerprint check used for other purposes?
No. Under federal and state law, fingerprint-based record checks obtained for other purposes cannot be accepted. All employees will need to submit to a fingerprint based record check under this regulation. 
Can we accept fingerprint results from other schools?   
No. All employees and/or volunteers are required to be fingerprinted for the Archdiocese of Boston. 
What if an employee/volunteer was previously fingerprinted for an Archdiocesan School, will they need to be fingerprinted a second time?
Many of our schools are vetted through the Office of Background Screening (OBS). If a school is vetted through the OBS, employees and/or volunteers will not have to repeat the process. If an individual is from a school that is not vetted through OBS, they will need to be fingerprinted for your school. You may contact the OBS for verification.
Where can employees/volunteers go to submit fingerprints?  
There is only one vendor who is approved to process fingerprints. IdentoGO by MorphoTrust USA, https://www.identogo.com/locations/massachusetts. Phone: 866-349-8130. 
May we go to the local police department to submit fingerprints?
No. Fingerprints can only be processed through the approved vendor. 
How often do we need to be fingerprinted?  
The Archdiocese is currently reviewing policy regarding the frequency of conducting fingerprint based record checks.  At this time compliance with the regulations is paramount for all schools. If a policy calls for an additional fingerprint requirement that will be communicated to you at a later date.   
Where can I go to find additional information about the law?  
You can visit the Massachusetts Department of Education and Secondary Education web site at: