The Benefits Department for the Archdiocese of Boston oversees several benefit programs for lay staff of the Archdiocese and numerous other entities, including the RCAB 401k Plan, RCAB Pension Plan, RCAB Health Plan (medical, prescription and dental), Life Insurance, Long-Term Disability (LTD) and the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). 

For more detailed information about the benefit programs sponsored by the Archdiocese, please visit

For information on any of the other benefits offered, please contact 617-746-5640 or [email protected] 


Carol Gustavson
Plan Administrator - Lay Benefits
Office: 617-746-5830
Fax: 617-779-4567

Donna Ynaya Porter
Office: 617-746-5641
Fax: 617-779-4567

Kerri Shorter
Human Capital and Systems Manager
Office: 617-746-5671
Fax: 617-779-4567