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Announcement of Emergency Income Benefits Availability and Application Process
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Transition 

April 14, 2020

In light of the delay by the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment in setting up a portal for employees of the Archdiocese and other Catholic entities to apply for MA/CARES Act unemployment benefits (known as Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) until April 30 (estimated), the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Trustees have approved an interim amendment to the TAP Plan to allow limited Emergency Income Benefit (EIB) claims for temporary unemployment to be filed with TAP, as follows (APPLY HERE):

  1. An employee must be eligible for RCAB benefits with at least one year of benefit-eligible service as of March 1, 2020.  
  2. An employee must have been notified of a temporary or permanent layoff/furlough/unpaid leave of absence by the employer due to impact of the COVID-19 virus on the employer’s finances and/or due to closure of the location required by law. 
  3. The period of unemployment covered by this interim amendment are the weeks ending April 3 and 10.
  4. An employee must have been paid no wages by the employer, including paid vacation, sick time, personal days, severance pay, etc., for these weeks.  If an employee was paid some wages for one week but no wages for the other week, a claim can be filed for only one week. 
  5. The EIB payment amount per employee is $300.00/week.  The maximum payment available under this interim amendment per employee is $600.00.
  6. EIB payments will be made for the full two weeks, as applicable, by Friday, April 24, via direct deposit for employees already receiving direct deposit through the Prime Pay payroll system. Live checks will be sent to all other employees.
  7. No benefit deductions will be available from EIB payments. 
  8. Federal and state income tax withholding will be made based on current tax setup in Prime Pay for all employees, unless they opt to have no withholding. 
  9. If/when an employee files a claim for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits through the MA Department of Unemployment, he should disclose EIB payments in response to any questions regarding payments made due to separation from employment. 

Applications must be made via the following portal, no later than Monday, April 20 at 5 p.m. Click here to apply.


Carol Gustavson
Executive Director - Lay Benefits
Office: 617-746-5830
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Donna Porter
Assistant Director
Office: 617-746-5641
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Joseph Haggarty
Benefits/Payroll Analyst
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Catherine Wolfrum
Benefits Specialist
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Kerri Shorter
Benefits/HRIS Manager
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Pablo Fernandez
Benefits Wellness and Communications Coordinator
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