Faith Community Health and Parish Nursing Ministry

Parish/Faith Community Nursing is "the specialized practice of professional nursing that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit as part of the process of promoting holistic health and preventing or minimizing illness in a faith community."1

Goal:  "The protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities; prevention of illness and injury; and response to suffering in the context of the values, beliefs, and practices of a faith community"1 

Addresses:  "The spiritual, physical, mental, and social health of the patient."1 

Patient: "May refer to the faith community as a whole, or groups, families, and individuals in the faith community."1 

"With the intentional focus on spiritual health, the Faith Community Nurse primarily uses the nursing interventions of: education, counseling, advocacy, referral, utilizing resources available to the faith community, and training and supervising volunteers from the faith community."1 

Resource for Scope and Standard of Practices for Faith Community Nursing:

  • ANA Releases Two Revised Standards on Faith Community Nursing and School Nursing   
  • Professional Standards   

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Ministry Team

Deacon James F. Greer
Office: 617-746-5843
Fax: 617-779-4570

Christine Willis
Administrative Assistant
Office: 617-746-5843
Fax: 617-779-4570

Karen Wenger, DNP, RN
Faith Community Nursing Educator
Office: 617-746-5841
Fax: 617-779-4570