Child Advocacy - Training and Education



All adult employees and volunteers who have contact with children must complete Protecting God’s Children.  The training is an in person, 3 hour training that is scheduled at various locations throughout the Archdiocese on a regular basis.  To find a training session near you, please visit:   On the left side of the page click on “First Time Registrant.”  Select “View list of sessions” and select “Boston (Archdiocese)” from the drop down menu.  This will bring you to a list of all scheduled upcoming sessions.  Please make sure to note that there are often trainings in languages other than English.  This is specified on the list.

This training is live and in person only.  Online and Zoom options are no longer provided now that we are again able to gather in person.


All Catholic Schools and Parishes are required to provide annual Safe Environment Training for all youth enrolled in school or religious education classes.  This applies to all grades.

Child and youth Safe Environment Training teaches our youth how to:

  • Recognize and avoid risky situations and people
  • What to do if they find themselves in a risky situation
  • Know who they can tell if they have been harmed, were at risk of being harmed, or know someone who is in being harmed.

Child and youth Safe Environment Training is SAFETY TRAINING.  It is NOT sex education, discussions about sexual identity, discussions about gender identity or discussions about chastity.   

Schools and Parishes can choose from 2 separate curriculums:

  1. Second Step Child Protection Unit:  This curriculum is limited to grades K-5.  More information about the curriculum can be found at  Please note that the Office of Pastoral Support and Child Protection works only with the Child Protection Unit of the Second Step programs.
  2. Empowering God’s Children:  This curriculum covers lessons for all grades K – 12.  Lessons are provided specific to different age groups.  More information about the curriculum can be found at    For access to curriculums, please contact the Office of Pastoral Support and Child Protection at 617-746-5985.

Parents always have the option of opting their child out of these trainings, though we encourage them to look at the curriculums before they make that decision.