Recommended Curriculum and Resources

Recommended Curriculum and Resources

*Resources are listed alphabetically by title in each category. 

First Communion and First Penance 


Family Faith Formation 

Youth Ministry 

Adult Faith Formation 

Children’s Faith Formation 

Learning Management Systems 

Ministry with Persons with Disabilities

*Please note that this list only includes resources specifically recommended by the Archdiocese of Boston and is not a comprehensive list of all available resources. We are aware that additional resources are rapidly becoming available on-line and we are working to review them as quickly as possible. For more information or to make a request or recommendation that a resource be added to this list please contact Patrick Krisak at [email protected] or 617-746-5753. 

In the News 

I Have the Perfect Youth Ministry

EDMUND MITCHELL - You read that right. I have the perfect youth ministry. There are only 5 youth in the program, but these kids are gonna change the world. We have a small budget. But, we meet every day of the week. You wanna talk relational ministry? I spend HOURS with these kids.

I’m working with the parents to make sure there is really good catechesis happening in the home. We do social events, retreats, discipleship, and I show them how to pray. Sometimes we have small groups, sometimes I just answer their questions. We go on trips together and share meals together. I post a lot about the program on social media.


The Catechetical Directory and the Ways of Beauty

WORD ON FIRE - The Vatican has released a new directory for catechesis, and while most people can be forgiven in thinking that this might be an updated phone book for catechists, it is actually a guidebook for all involved in religious instruction on how to teach the faith effectively in the new world of the digital age. The English translation of the directory came out on July 20, and we can glean some insight into its basic approach from the press conference remarks made by Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella, the president of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization.

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Parishes face new challenges as millennials avoid marriage, family life

While new programming can be one solution, he said the ultimate factor will be parents who are intentionally involved in the formation of their children and who “model what they want their children to practice.” 

“Without that, no other program or anything is going to make a difference. The crucial actor is the parents,” he said. “If you find committed strong Catholic kids, you’re almost going to certainly find they had parents that were really invested, that made this a priority, and it carried on to the next generation.”

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Archdiocesan Resources 

  • Parish faith formation leaders often contact us with concerns and questions.  For example, one of the most frequent questions asks how to support families in passing on the faith when so many other activities and interests compete for their time and attention.  Our team is available to assist you in discussing the goals of your parish faith formation programming and the resources available to meet those goals at any time.
  • We strongly encourage parishes to offer multiple options for faith formation - including in-person, on-line, and at-home – to support the varied needs of families.  Content and programming offered in all these ways can helps build engagement among families in the life of faith at home.
  • The goal of helping families build and enhance the culture and practice of their faith at home and in all aspects of their lives should be foremost among the goals of what parishes offer.
  • In support of this goal, we have developed Project Nazareth, a family-based, at-home, faith formation resource available to parishes and families in the Archdiocese of Boston for free in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • In addition, we offer the resource recommendations you will find elsewhere on this page.  Lastly, please visit for more evangelization and formation resources.

The Institute for the New Evangelization (TINE) 

  • You can’t love what you don’t know. And if you don’t know the fundamentals of the Catholic faith, it’s difficult to know and love God — and it’s nearly impossible to share your faith with others. 
  • The Institute for the New Evangelization exists to help equip Catholics in New England who want to embrace the missionary nature of the Christian life with in-person CERTIFICATE classes in:
    • Catholic Theology (in English and Spanish)
    • Youth Evangelization
    • Marriage and Family Life
    • Catholic Evangelization
    • Certificates are live classes held in the Boston area and in Providence.
  • Click the link above to register for upcoming certificates, workshops, and more!

Virtual Evangelization

For resources on virtual and remote evangelization, visit our Virtual Evangelization page.