Parish Activities and Education

Environmental education "seeks also to restore the various levels of ecological equilibrium, establishing harmony within ourselves, with others, with nature and other living creatures, and with God. Environmental education should facilitate making the leap towards the transcendent which gives ecological ethics its deepest meaning." 

Green Teams

Forming "Green Teams"  

There are several ways in which schools and parishes can begin to educate their students, staff, and parishioners on the most important environmental issues. One way is to form a parish "green team," creation care team, or environmental ministry, which would take the lead in not only implementing specific practices, but in developing environmental education materials for Adult Education programs,  

Young Adult groups, Social Action Committees, and other ministries. Boston Catholic Climate Movement has resources available for development of Green Teams. In schools, students could form Green Clubs, St. Francis Clubs, or Laudato Si' Clubs that might serve as role models and leaders for other students. Green Clubs in our Catholic schools can take the lead in creating gardens, composting, recycling, and environmental awareness, working with science, religion, and art teachers to better put Laudato Si' into action. "Good education plants seeds when we are young, and these continue to bear fruit throughout life," says the Holy Father. In Laudato Si', the Holy FAther "challenges us to examine our lifestyle."  He urges us to work together and educate each other on the issues he raises in his encyclical.