Social Justice Ministry

The mission of the Archdiocesan Social Justice Ministry is to strengthen our commitment to Catholic Social Teaching by education, awareness, engagement with others, and collaborative ACTION for change. Our objectives are to:

  1. Help eradicate root causes of poverty and injustice in the Archdiocese, nationally and globally
  2. Build a network of diverse and inclusive faith-based Social Justice organizations
  3. Mobilize grassroots support in local parishes and collaboratives
  4. Advocate for systemic change in unjust policies and structures.

2022 Social Justice Convocation - Migrants and Refugees, Who are They, Where are They?

Recording of March 12 Social Justice Workshop:  We’re all part of God’s Plan(et)

November 13, 2021 Social Justice Convocation:  “Let Us Dream” with Austen Ivereigh

"Environmental Justice: Our Common Home—Equity for All”

Racial Justice Workshop - Open Wide Our Hearts, the Enduring Call to Love

Racial Justice Workshop, March 13, 2021

Many ministries and organizations in the Boston area address social justice issues.  Why not consider joining them as a volunteer or donor?

Social Justice Convocation 2020, November 4, 2020 (Click to watch)

Listing of Representative Social Justice Organizations

Afghan Resettlement: How you can Help

Pat Dinneen, Chair
(617) 746-5730
[email protected]