January 28, 2014 - Catholic Giving Is On the Rise in Boston*

Catholics contributed $15.2 million, $1 million more than in 2012 

Braintree, MA – Catholics in the Archdiocese of Boston are giving more than they have in many years. The Archdiocese announced the results of the Catholic Appeal, the annual effort supporting parishes and ministries. In 2013, $15.2 million was contributed; $1.million more than in 2012.

Cardinal Seán O’Malley said, “The Catholic Appeal makes it possible for the Church to carry out the ministries entrusted to us by Christ. Throughout the Archdiocese we are experiencing new enthusiasm for the many good works that are part of everyday life in our parishes. Because of the generosity of our donors and their commitment to the mission of the Church we are building up strong communities of faith.”

“It’s a sign of the spirit Catholics are feeling today,” said Rev. Louis Palmieri, who guides the Appeal with nine pastors serving on a Pastor Advisory Committee. “People know of the good work being done in parishes, schools, and Catholic organizations. They want to be part of it. When they give to the Appeal, they help the Church within and beyond their parish boundaries. They are part of something very special.” Rev. Palmieri is pastor of Holy Family Parish in Amesbury and Star of the Sea on Salisbury.

Through the Appeal, 144 parishes are receiving rebates totaling $1.6 million. Rebates are earned when parishes exceed their Appeal goals. Typically, these funds are used for special projects at the parish. Rev. Palmieri adds, “Thanks to our Catholic Appeal rebate we were able to build a new confessional room at Holy Family Parish that will be ready for the start of Lent.”

Kathleen Driscoll, Secretary for Institutional Advancement for the Archdiocese, said, “This milestone could not be achieved without the strong leadership of our pastors and lay leaders in our parishes, especially the Pastor Advisory Committee and the Lay Appeal Committee. Most important, because of the strong pastoral leadership of Cardinal Seán, we are in a great position to continue the growth of the Appeal and overall giving in the Archdiocese. In turn this will help to fund those ministries that are making a real difference in the lives of our Catholic faithful.”

The theme of the 2013Catholic Appeal, “There is a Good Samaritan in Each One of Us,” was embraced warmly by Catholics across the Archdiocese. Michael Griffin, a volunteer and lay leader at Sacred Heart in Roslindale, said, “As Catholics, we are called to give as we are able, just as the Good Samaritan did. The unprecedented success of the Catholic Appeal is due to the fact that thousands of families and individuals are inspired every day to respond generously to this call. It is an exciting time to be Catholic and see the incredible impact that our support makes in parish life.”

Over 40,000 donors gave to the 2013 Catholic Appeal.

All are encouraged to visit the Appeal’s website at www.BostonCatholicAppeal.org to learn more about the important programs and ministries supported by the Catholic Appeal. The Catholic Appeal is the primary philanthropic funding effort supporting the work of the Church in the Archdiocese of Boston. Through the Appeal, Catholics help sustain the vital ministries serving our 288 parishes in 144 cities and towns, 119 Catholic elementary and secondary schools, and thousands of Catholics of all ages in many life circumstances. These ministries are made possible by the generosity of parishioners who want to ensure that they remain strong.

About the Archdiocese of Boston: The Diocese of Boston was founded on April 8, 1808 and was elevated to Archdiocese in 1875. Currently serving the needs of 1.8 million Catholics, the Archdiocese of Boston is an ethnically diverse and spiritually enriching faith community consisting of 288 parishes, across 144 communities, educating approximately 42,000 students in its Catholic schools and 156,000 in religious education classes each year, ministering to the needs of 200,000 individuals through its pastoral and social service outreach. Mass is celebrated in nearly twenty different languages each week. For more information, please visit www.BostonCatholic.org.