December 24, 2020 - Cardinal Sean's Christmas Message

December 24, 2020 - Cardinal Sean's Christmas Message

News December 24, 2020

Our God has made a gift of Himself to us at Christmas. The best way to celebrate Christmas is to make it truly a feast of love and reconciliation.

Christ is like a liberating vaccine leading us from the isolation imposed by the pandemic of sin, by our selfishness, our indifference, our rivalries, our anger, our pride, the real causes of distances between us.

God ‘s love can cure us and set us free.

This Christmas let us mend a quarrel.

Build peace.

Seek out a forgotten friend.

Write a love letter.

Encourage a young person.

Keep a promise.

Forgo a grudge.

Forgive an enemy.

Be gentle.

Express our gratitude.

Welcome a stranger.

Take pleasure in the beauty and the wonder of creation.

Speak out our love.

Speak it again.

Rejoice in God’s gratuitous love and His gifts.