December 23, 2016 - Cardinal Sean's 2016 Christmas message

Cardinal Sean Christmas Message
  Christmas is such a special time for families and loved ones to come together to share their gift of love and faith in the Christ child.
At this time of year, we are called upon to be more mindful of those in our midst who are poor, those who are lonely and forgotten.
It is through the generous sacrifice of so many people that our community reaches out and helps people to realize that God is with us, He does love us, and we are called to share our food, our shelter, our companionship with those in need.
Each day we witness so many accounts of the struggle for freedom and life, so many refugees especially in Syria at this time. Together we pray and work that peace will come into this world at Christmastime. That the Prince of Peace and his call for universal brotherhood will touch the hearts of people to work together for a world where there is greater solidarity, where there is reconciliation, where people care for one another.
Pope Francis recently celebrated his 80th birthday. He began the day by gathering for a meal and fellowship with homeless men and women. The Holy Father is such a gift to the whole church and the world. We pray that his example will continue to touch people’s lives. We pray that the Lord will give him good health so that he will be able to continue to lead our church.
We have all received the greatest gift imaginable, that Jesus Christ coming into our world is our savior.
Be assured of my prayers for a blessed Christmas for you and all of your loved ones.
Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley, OFM, Cap.
Archbishop of Boston