March 31, 2016 - The Holy See Dismisses Thomas H. Maguire from the Clerical State*

(Braintree, Massachusetts)  March 31, 2016 -- The Archdiocese of Boston today announced that the Holy See has dismissed Thomas H. Maguire from the clerical state.  As a result of the Holy See’s decision, he may no longer function in any capacity as a priest. 

Thomas H. Maguire was ordained in May 1976.  In October 2012, Maguire was removed from public ministry following allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct in the presence of minors (click here).  These matters were referred to law enforcement, investigated and could not be substantiated. 

Subsequently other victims came forward to report inappropriate sexual conduct which had occurred in the mid 1990’s and before.  These matters were also reported to law enforcement but fell outside of the criminal statute of limitations.  The Archdiocese continued to investigate the complaints and determined that they were credible. A church process under canon law was undertaken and has concluded that Maguire is guilty of abuse of a minor.

We are grateful to the victims who had the strength to come forward.  Their courage assisted the Church in seeking justice for the inappropriate conduct which occurred years before the initial allegation in 2012.  We pray for all those affected by this matter. 

Through its Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach, the Archdiocese continues to make counseling and other services available to survivors, their families and parishes impacted by clergy sexual abuse and by allegations of abuse by members of the clergy. Cardinal Seán encourages any person in need of pastoral assistance or support to contact the Archdiocese’s Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach by calling 617-746-5985.

You may view the assignment history and status of Thomas Maguire by clicking here.

About the Archdiocese of Boston’s Child Protection Efforts  

Since his installation, Cardinal Seán has made it a priority to create safe environments in the Archdiocese’s churches and schools and to continue to support all people impacted by clergy sexual abuse.  The policies and practices of the Archdiocese include working with law enforcement agencies and community professionals to report and investigate instances of sexual abuse, annually screening approximately 60,000 clergy, employees and volunteers, and implementing effective prevention training programs.  In addition, through the Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach (OPSO), the Archdiocese continues to reach out to those who have been harmed by the tragic reality of clergy sexual abuse in order to provide pastoral help and counseling services to survivors and their families.

About the Archdiocese of Boston: The Diocese of Boston was founded on April 8, 1808 and was elevated to Archdiocese in 1875. Currently serving the needs of 1.8 million Catholics, the Archdiocese of Boston is an ethnically diverse and spiritually enriching faith community consisting of 289 parishes, across 144 communities, educating approximately 38,000 students in its Catholic schools and 156,000 in religious education classes each year, ministering to the needs of 200,000 individuals through its pastoral and social service outreach.   Mass is celebrated in nearly twenty different languages each week. For more information, please visit